Announcing SQL Server 2016 Cumulative Update 1

Last night, Microsoft unveiled 13.0.2149.0, and it’s a big one. It includes pages and pages of fixes like:

  • Query Store automatic data cleanup was failing on Standard, Express, Eval Editions
  • Fatal error when you query sys.sysindexes if you have memory-optimized tables
  • Memory leak when DATA_CONSISTENCY_CHECK is run on a temporal table
  • Memory leak on AG replicas when change tracking is enabled
  • Temporal table data flush tasks consume 100% CPU
  • Temporal table query plans with a view on an identity field do infinite recompiles
  • SEEDING_MODE setting ignored when you add an AG replica
  • Cannot create/delete a table or index when another DDL transaction is running
  • Can run multiple UPDATE STATISTICS against a single table
  • READ_ONLY and AUTOGROW_ALL_FILES not preserved after a database restart
  • Fixed error 3456 that suspended AG replicas
  • Incorrect results when you use LIKE with an “ss” wildcard
  • Incorrect results with full text search
  • Crash when running a query with HASHBYTES
  • Non-yielding scheduler on queries with a UNION
  • Data loss when you alter a column on a large memory-optimized table
  • Data loss when you alter an in-memory temporal table
  • Data loss or incorrect results when you use sp_settriggerorder
  • Tons of Master Data Services fixes
  • FileTables unavailable after a failover in an AG
  • Availability databases not fully started after restarting an istance
  • Error 1478 when you add a database back into an AG
  • Online index operations were blocking on clustered columnstore indexes
  • All data was going to deltastores when you bulk loaded a clustered columnstore index under memory pressure
  • CHECKDB false errors on non-clustered columnstore
  • .NET Framework 3.5 required for log shipping secondaries
  • Cannot install non-English version on Windows Server Core
  • Canceling a backup task crashes SQL Server

Check out the full list of fixes and download the Cumulative Update.

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