Announcing SQL Server 2012 SP3 CU5

Build 11.0.6544 brings us new fixes including:

  • SQL 2012 crashes with an access violation when you use TRY…CATCH for bulk copy
  • Assertion failures when you query database-state information
  • CPU usage increases when you use CHANGETABLE
  • High CPU usage in general
  • Queries that run against Always On secondaries always get recompiled
  • SQL Server crashes when it reads data from an Extended Events file target
  • SQL Server doesn’t start after you configure TempDB with a small log file
  • Operating system error 32 when you restore a database

In other¬†news, there’s a new SQL Server Management Studio build out (16.4), but the first comment on this blog post suggests that the ALTER TABLE scripting is broken, so maybe hold off on that one. That’s kind of a bummer, because 16.3 had some really ugly bugs around memory leaks and running SELECT @@TRANCOUNT after every query.

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