SQL Server 2012 SP3 CU4, SP2 13 Released

SQL Server 2012 SP3 CU4 is out, and if you’re still on SP2 there’s a CU13.

SP3 CU4’s improvements include:

  • Less crashing when you run a remote query in a stored proc with an invalid user name
  • Faster backups to a network share
  • Windows dedupe jobs don’t corrupt FILESTREAM data
  • CHECKDB raises more alarms about invalid filegroups
  • Fixed a memory leak in AlwaysOn with change tracking
  • Log backup failures on secondaries stop preventing subsequent backups
  • And more.

Doesn’t look like any performance improvements in this one. (You know things have gotten great in the SQL Server community when it’s an unusual CU that doesn’t include performance or diagnostic improvements.)

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