SQL Server 2014 SP2 CU2 Released 2

For those of you who are still stuck in the dark ages on that decrepit SQL Server 2014*, there’s a new Cumulative Update out that puts a little lipstick on that pig. Fixes include:

  • Query performance improvement for columnstore
  • Crashes with an access violation when you use TRY/CATCH for bulk copies
  • Increased CPU with CHANGETABLE
  • SSAS crashes when you CREATE SESSION CUBE
  • Size of PDF file is larger than it used to be
  • Deadlocks when you execute a nested loop join between two hash joins working in batch mode
  • CHECKDB didn’t work with files in Azure Premium Storage
  • Couldn’t uninstall SPs after installing a CU
  • Memory leak with Azure Storage
  • db_name() and db_id() failed to trigger permissions checks

* – SQL Server 2014 is neither decrepit nor old. This is what we call humor. Also, we should stick to our day jobs.

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