SQL Server 2014 SP1 CU3, RTM CU 10 Released 1

Also known as the Pumpkin Spice Cumulative Updates:

The list of fixes includes a lot of good stuff:

  • Rare index corruption when you build a columnstore index with parallelism on a partitioned table
  • Can’t back up in-memory OLTP database that is restored with a full and differential restore
  • AlwaysOn – scheduler deadlock on primary replica when you remove a replica from an AG
  • Rare incorrect result occurs when you run a parallel query on nonclustered columnstore indexes
  • Error 602 when you run a stored proc repeatedly
  • Access violations when you use FileTable
  • Queries take longer to compile in 2014 than in earlier versions
  • 100% CPU usage when in-memory OLTP databases is in recovery state
  • DBCC CHECKFILEGROUP reports false errors on partitioned tables
  • Sort operator spills to tempdb even when estimated number of rows and row size are correct
  • Access violation when you connect with sqlcmd
  • Access violation occurs when you execute a query that contains many joins and coalesce functions
  • DBCC CHECKDB doesn’t report metadata inconsistency of invalid filegroups

For details, check out the CU download pages, and there’s a KB article for each of the fixes that goes into more details.

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