SQL Server 2012 SP3 Now Available for Download 6

Can’t decide between cranberry sauce or mashed potatoes for your side dish? Consider Service Pack 3 for SQL Server 2012 instead, which brings these hot fixins:

  • Update for dm_exec_query_stats to track memory grants – adds a whole new set of fields to the DMV!
  • New query memory grant options available (min_grant_percent and max_grant_percent) – yes, new query hint options to specify RAM for a query!)
  • Access violation occurs when you enable TDE
  • Improved diagnostics for query plans with residual predicate pushdown
  • Spatial performance improvements
  • DBCC CHECKDB/CHECKTABLE performance improvements
  • Stalled dispatcher system dump forces failover
  • Improvements for AlwaysOn Lease Timeout
  • Improved tempdb spill diagnostics in the plan and XE

These are pretty doggone big improvements to go out in a service pack. Check out the full list of fixes.

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