New SQL Server 2014 Service Pack 1 Cumulative Update 7, plus CU14

Microsoft just unveiled the latest fashions for their summer lineup. All the best-dressed SQL Server 2014s will be running the new Cumulative Update 7, which includes hotfixes for stuff like:

  • High CPU usage and PAGELATCH_* waits on SP1
  • Non-yielding scheduler errors on queries with a large number of OR clauses
  • Log shipping retries can write over a successful backup, breaking the log chain
  • Creating tables takes 10 minutes if you have 2-4TB memory
  • Service Broker leaks memory if you use TABLOCK hints in an AG
  • DBCC CHECKTABLE returns an incorrect result on rebuilt clustered columnstore indexes
  • Better query plans for columnstore indexes
  • Access violation when you combine TDE and BPE
  • MERGE fails when CDC is enabled (seriously, stop using MERGE)
  • Incorrect results when you use LIKE with “ss” against German data
  • Incorrect page numbers in SSRS exports
  • Change tracking cleanup fails if another database is offline
  • SQL doesn’t start if you set TempDB’s log file to be smaller than 248KB (look, that one is your own dang fault)

Read the SP1 CU7 details, or if you’re dead set against installing SP1 for some surely oddball reason, like you still like pleated pants, check out RTM CU14.

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